Typical Client Problems

We measure short and long-term client success, client satisfaction and other program outcomes. We are constantly using evaluation measures to improve the quality and effectiveness of our services.

We think and act strategically. We anticipate your next moves and are ahead of you with problems addressed or solved.

Problem: Solar Resale Value for residential?
Solution: Get the reality check from primary research

Problem: Attracting enough people to the Sustainability Fair at CCSE or ASES conference?
Solution: Get Sun Marketing to find people and invite them to attend. Draw them with the Sun Marketing PR and media outreach.

Problem: Don’t have a Marketing Plan?
Solution: like CCSE did, outsource your marketing needs to Sun Marketing, short or long term.

Problem: Not enough customers?
Solution: Sun Marketing can bring them in the door for you, with a media plan and implementation process that works.

Long term clients for best satisfaction: Ask us how we helped to overcome their problems:
Ball Auto: Since 1990
Bruno Flores/Sunset Coast
: Since 2004
CRLA: Since 1999
Fuller Ford, Honda, Kia: Since 2004
McAllister Industries: Since 2005
NATAS PSW: Since 2008
Pardee Homes: Since 2005
Poseidon Restaurant: Since 1993
Poway Road of Cars: Since 2004
University of California: San Diego, Extension: Since 1985
University San Diego: Since 2004