We are good at...

Marketing Results and Satisfaction specialists. We have satisfied customers. They have been with us for years. Two clients have worked with us for nearly 20 years each. In today’s environment, how many businesses can say that?
We don’t over promise and under deliver. We are humble in that we don’t take credit for your products and services, that’s your expertise.

But we will bring customers to you and help you to find more of them at the lowest prices in a changing environment.
We’ve developed this expertise over decades in many consumer and business to business relationships.

Sun Marketing Solar Company Services offered: Consulting, Marketing Research, Media Planning and Buying, TV and Radio production, Web marketing, Marketing audit, PR Services, Training, Social Media Strategies, Facilitation and Implementation.

Media Buying & Customer Insights

Planning/Buying Electronic Media Marketing (i.e., TV, cable, radio, internet) at best possible ROI,
Finding your customer,
Reaching your customer,
Pre-Selling your customer.

Relationships/Customer Satisfaction

We are not finished until you are satisfied. That’s critical to our mission.


Solar Resale Value, for example….

We know the issues. We want to solve them. We’ve completed a study for publication on this topic. We’re objective and thorough. To learn click here.

Internet Marketing

We’ve been doing internet marketing since 1993. We’ve got perspective, not just the latest gadgets to work with. We understand 1.0, 2.0 and even 3.0 (the semantic web).