Sustainability Fair ...

Sustainability Fair

Hot and sunny summer days are good for solar energy savings, and the center of it in San Diego is California Center for Sustainable Energy.

Sustainability FairSustainability Fair

The Sustainability Fair had something for everyone. Commercial businesses had their day, and Sun Marketing was there to participate.

Sustainability FairSustainability Fair

We held meetups at our booth from three different Social Media; facebook, linkedin and twitter. Our booth was a buzzin' with activity, as was Sanyo, UCSD Extension, and Spirit Graphics and Printing. Solar Plus was next door to Sun Marketing and we shared some good ideas during the show Thursday.

Stay tuned for updates as next year's event promises to be even better and more to show. For more info on CCSE, visit Enery Center's website.

Photos: Bev Oster, author Know Beans about Green, with grandchild, David Brands, Solar Power Consulting, and other fans of sustainability.